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Who Knows Their “True Calling”?!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Are you happy in your current position or job? Do you know what your true calling is, or was? Did you settle? Do you think you could be doing something more productive? Or, have you ever even considered any of these questions? I think Most of us HAVE questioned ourselves, our lives, our careers at some point - but do we think it’s too late to bother changing things now? Perhaps the reality may be the old saying, “it’s never too late…”

When it comes to following your true calling, maybe you have a fear of failure, disapproval, success(or the pressure of maintaining it). Maybe you feel your true calling is out of reach at this point, because you dreamed of being a doctor or something that requires more time and money than you have to invest. Well, perhaps if, you wanted to be a doctor, you could figure out the “why” portion and from there, figure out what career is similar. For example; there are plenty of similar careers you can learn, where you don‘t have to put in so much time and money as you would, becoming a doctor. Possibly an x-ray technician, a nurse, or even just finding a job in ‘n’ around that area of help, like someone who helps assist at the doctor’s office or walk-in-clinic, etc. You may just have to think outside the box a little. You are worth it!

There are many people you can look at, and read about in order to inspire you to do what you always knew you could. In my life, I need not look any further than my own mother. She was a young lady who….. Oooops - ended up getting pregnant and took on the role of “mother“ very young. She ended up playing that role amazingly for about 20 years. She didn’t work outside the home until I was at least 11 years old and my older siblings were adults. She began working odd jobs, but wanted more. When I was a teenager, she decided to pursue what SHE loved! She loved working with numbers and using her mind on paper so off she went to evening college courses for Accounting. Fast forward - my mom retired with more than 20 years service from a very important position in Accounting in a well-established company.

She’s an amazing inspiration! I barely even noticed she attended college, because she remained such an attentive mother during the process. She did it seamlessly in my eyes and I’m so glad she did this. 😃 Both my parents were very hard workers who always found great balance between work and family in order to be an inspiration for their children.

Everyone should know, nothing is impossible - THEY TOO, CAN DO IT!! Just try and find what makes you happiest, and make the adjustments to achieve the goal.

We all get busy with “life”; children, boyfriends and so many other things. Time flies. We let others guide the decisions we make about what WE want to do. Sometimes this can work, but perhaps…. not. It can seem overwhelming to move on & do something we feel we love, rather than just remain in our current job. It’s kinda like that old boyfriend I had - “comfortable“, or just easier to keep things as-is. Well, lemme tell ya - when I ditched that old, comfortable habit, my life changed in the best way. I thought I was happy, in general, before - NOT! I realized, I never knew how happiness could really feel. So, please begin to question yourself, your life. Are you happy or are you just going through the motions, daily? Maybe you don‘t even realize it… You never thought about it. Well, LIFE IS SHORT, so perhaps it’s time to dive a little deeper into what’s calling out to you. 😊

Then you may wonder, “how can I figure this out?” There’s no exact science, but you may wanna start out writing a list. Make a list of every time you remember being happy or even ‘completely content’. What activity were you totally absorbed in? It doesn’t matter what that was. Maybe list three or four and see if there’s a common denominator or if there’s any way to combine a couple activities. Don’t think rationally while doing this, just do it. Then analyze them to see if you can pick out any type of career or job that could match or come anywhere close. It’s true that you may find that you were truly happy when you were laying on a beach somewhere. That’s okay. It’s possible to immerse yourself in things closely related - maybe you want to be a travel agent and help others enjoy their beach time as well… There are many possibilities.

Some people are already in the right job for them, and Kudos to all of you. Some found their calling and went to College or University for exactly what made them happy. Some of us just veered off path through life and need to find our way once again. Sometimes what was calling you where you were young, is still what makes you happy. Finding yourself getting off track when you’re younger is pretty common. You may have been or are still in college. You partied a bit too much; you met new people who helped push you off track; you thought you were smarter than the course you were taking; you thought you were not smart enough for the course you were taking. Well, chances are, whatever the reason, you may have wanted to stick with it, or you may find yourself back in that school, way, way, way in the future, learning what you always KNEW you LOVED! But it’s still never too late to redeem one’s self.

At the end of the day, all I can say is that you should follow your heart in order to become “yourself” or “the you that you love”

Thanks for tuning in 😀


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