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Getting Organized - Easy Baby Steps

Is the thought of cleaning out a cluttered space at home extremely daunting? Does the idea of having to purge, sort and organize make you cringe?! Sometimes just thinking about the enormity of the task can send you spinning. And it's true sometimes - it IS quite a job! We all have busy lives and tend to put organizing on the back burner again and again and again, until the task has become more than we care to deal with. This is the time of year we start to feel the heaviness of the winter blas begin to lift. We wanna feel lighter. We open the windows. The daylight is here longer so we may be waking up earlier and hunkering down later. We are no longer in hibernation mode. This is a GREAT time to get started with baby steps. We all love that feeling of accomplishment so let me help you feel satisfied with these couple quick tips. It helps you begin to get organized with little effort, and you will barely notice, however results will be fulfilling - ahhhhhhhh 😊

If you use the idea of baby steps, within a week or so you will be ready for even more mild organizing, spring cleaning, or whatever you need to, in order to feel all sorted out for a great summer! During the wonderful weather of Summer, who wants to worry about being stuck indoors, organizing your "stuff"? NOBODY - and nobody does.... Pouf! Summer's gone and you are all the way to fall time again. Geeeeez, time sure flies doesn't it?

Let’s get on with it….

This post is just a short one with a couple general tips to get you started. In the world of organizing and cleaning, it just doesn't get easier than these:

  1. Fill one large garbage bag per week. All you have to do just take a few minutes each day and whenever you see something around the house that needs to go - put it in the bag and don't look back. At the end of the week you should have a full bag. Now get rid of the bag!!! Garbage, or donate box(they are everywhere), etc. I must say that this first step is maybe even less than a baby step, perhaps I would consider it to be a bit of a baby "crawl" , but if that's all you can manage, that's awesome! If you wanna step it up a notch, try this next one!

  2. Fill one large garbage bag per day. Each day, you do a bit of a challenge with yourself or those in your household. Grab a large garbage bag and go around on day one with a 'donate' thought in mind. Fill that bag and get on with your day. The next day use another bag and use it for 'trash'(things you think are too worn or broken, etc). Fill that bag and get on with your next day. Keep doing this each day and at the end of the week you will have 7 bags!!! Wow!

  3. 10 minute challenge! My personal favourite! This is is 10 minutes per day for one week. This one is a GREAT exercise and a wonderful start to getting super organized. Put two bags in each room you would like to tackle. One is a black/green garbage bag for trash and the other will be a large clear bag(which is your "donate" bag). Dedicate 10 minutes in a room each day. Set a timer if you like. No texting, taking or getting distracted during these ten minutes! If kids are an issue, bribe them if you have to. It may sound bad, but this is the time to give them those things you hate giving them in order to get some peace and quiet... If your kids are old enough to help, bribe them in a different way - You know what it takes! Anyway, once you get yourself in the room, get down to business! After a week you will see that you have filled more garbage bags than the garbage collector will even allow. YAY! 😃. Let me note that you should quickly put those 'donate' bags in your vehicle and get them where they need to go(a friend, family member, donation box nearby, Salvation Army, etc.) This way it's out of your life and you will feel peace of mind. Now you have more time to find relevant things, faster.

Once you finish, you may feel inspired and go even deeper. If you need help, you can always call me. 😊

Thanks for tuning in


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